According to your needs, we constantly develop new features, so don’t hesitate to tell us what would make your life easier.


Nowadays, reaching the inbox is not enough. What you say once you’re there and how you say it are things that make the difference. Moreover, statistically speaking, you take the decision of reading a newsletter in approximately 3 seconds. Learn the art of relevance with the use of statistics that will help you know your target audience and better adapt to their needs.

Information means power of selling. Therefore, the more you know, the better you can adapt to your audience. Find out everything there is to know about:

• The number of sent e-mails
• The number of e-mail addresses that are out of use
• The number of people that unsubscribed from your newsletter
• The number of people that reported your e-mails as spam
• The number of people that opened your e-mail once
• The number of people that opened your e-mail more than once
• Which links from your e-mail were followed
• How many clicks had these links
• What devices were used for opening your e-mail
• Where is your target audience located
• How your audience interacted with the message on Social Media

Regardless of the type of e-mails you want to send, this feature allows you to select only that segment of the audience that you are interested in at a certain moment. In this way you can create relevant messages for each category of customers (offers, customized news).

The platform passed the children and grandparents’ test, and even the test of a blindfolded colleague. If, for some reason, you feel you could still use some help to create your newsletter, we’re here 24/7 to answer all your questions, on the phone or on chat.

Whether you manage an online shop, a publishing house or a blog, this is the type of e-mails that you will use the most often in your online marketing strategy. We make sure it gets delivered to your audience fast

When you offer your audience the option of selecting information that they would like to receive (topics, offer types), you obtain hundreds of combinations of different preferences. We offer you a system of dynamic e-mails that can manage a large amount of data. In the same time, we take care that each person, regardless of the complexity of the filter chosen, only receives the pieces of information interested in.

Behind e-mails with a financial content you need an algorithm that will manage data in maximum safety conditions. Whether you send information on payments, invoices and receipts, automatic confirmation messages, auto-responses and many more notifications and alerts, you can be sure that they will be performed safe and easy.

According to your needs, we constantly develop new features. So, if you feel that something is missing from our platform, don’t hesitate to tell us what would make your life easier.





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